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Research & Validation

Understand the Japanese market and validate your Product-Solution fit

You've done well in your home market but what will consumers in Japan think? btrax will help define your value proposition in the Japanese market through User-Centered Market Research. Before launching into a new market, it is important to know if your product is targeting the right customers and offering the right values.

What btrax offers

Market Research & Analysis
Desktop Research
User Survey
Focus Group
User Testing
Competitive Landscape
Regulations Research
Partnership/Distributor Research
I want to expand my business and become a leading brand in Japan, but am not sure where to start. I've had some interest from Japanese consumers but aren't sure if it's enough to warrant going after the Japanese market. I understand that research is needed but what information is needed to understand the market opportunity?
To help you understand market opportunities and if there's a product solution fit, btrax will provide market research and data to inform a strategy on your company's next steps on Japan market entry, including analysis on product requirements, messaging, and potential go-to-market activities.

Brand Localization

Localize the brand and its user experience beyond just translating

Entering the Japanese market requires localizing of content that connects with your target customers and we're not just talking about direct translations. A quality user experience will provide the right first impression to build trust and credibility with your Japanese customers. Localizing your brand in Japan may require a shift in how you create content if the target demographic is different from what you are used to, if discoverability is on different channels, or your value proposition has shifted.

What btrax offers

Website & Landing Pages
Online Marketplace
Marketing Collateral
Design System
User Experience
All signs are pointing to Japan being a great market to go after. But translating all your content and assets into Japanese is an overwhelming task. You know you can use Machine Language Translation services like Google Translate but have heard stories of translated content coming off as offensive or not having the nuanced way of how you describe your brand and products. You want to make sure the localization efforts are done right but aren't sure how to approach it.
We will create a complete UX localization strategy based on analysis of the market and running studies such as user interviews. We will help you discover the actual needs of Japanese customers, then optimize the customer experience with your product and brand through product and content localization to seamlessly fit their lifestyle.

Market Entry

User-Centered Marketing and Design Solutions to help you thrive in the Japanese Market

Once you understand your value proposition in Japan, the next step is to create a strategy that will build brand awareness and sales. We are committed to you - providing integrated services needed to prosper in the Japanese market.

What btrax offers

Brand Awareness Activities
Lead Generation Activities
eCommerce Set-up
Partnership Development
Where should I be focusing my energy and budget when creating a plan to enter the Japanese market? I understand that localizing content and assets is important but now I need help creating and executing a strategy on brand awareness activities.
Through our deep understanding of Japanese culture and social norms, we will work with you to create and execute Marketing campaign strategies that connect online and offline brand awareness activities. We will recommend specific channels to attract target audiences and outline the marketing mix, timeline and budgets for each channel.

Growth Marketing

Growth activities for customer relationship building and fostering loyalty

btrax will propose and execute on marketing promotion strategies for user acquisition campaigns. We will identify the most effective and efficient ways to help you grow, based on your current efforts in the Japanese market, business, industry, target market, and insights from our user-centered validation process.

What btrax offers

Social Media
Online ads
Offline Events
A/B Testing
Value Add Content Creation
SEO Optimization
I’m using my in-house team for marketing strategy and execution, but our company is not seeing the growth we are hoping for in Japan.
Growth is all about experimentation and addressing all stages of the marketing funnel. We will work with you to audit current activities and create strategies to grow your business in Japan. We'll provide data driven and creative ways to increase your lead generation and build relationships with your current customers.