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We supported Yanmar's participation in Anime Expo 2023, the largest anime event in North America, to unveil Yanmar's original anime project "Miru" and gain brand recognition in the global market. By analyzing the trends of American anime fans and Anime Expo visitors, and analyzing the performance of our marketing efforts, we proposed an all-inclusive service that included everything from the design of the booth experience at the event to the online promotion of the project. We supported the production, planning, and execution of various creative, marketing, and public relations measures to contribute to increasing the brand recognition of the anime both in Japan and abroad.


Industrial Equipment Manufacturer


Project Planning & Proposal Experience Design Experience Planning Facilitation of Event Exhibits Creative Direction and Production Promotional Strategy Planning & Execution



Creative Planning

Planning and Execution of Key Visuals and Concept Video.
We planned and facilitated the creation of the key visuals and concept video for the Anime Expo 2023 exhibit. Working closely with the project team at Yanmar, we went through a process of trial and error to find the best way to depict what we wanted to express in the animation production through the visuals. The production was made with the help of artist YKBX.

Booth Activation

Exhibit planning, facilitation, and experience design for Anime Expo 2023
We proposed the installation of a giant robot statue at Anime Expo 2023. The statue attracted a lot of attention to our information booth. At the booth, we distributed branded gifts and flyers to visitors and also conducted a campaign linked to the official social media account of the anime. This allowed us to create a point of contact between visitors and the anime for future promotion.


Organizing Panel Sessions
In addition to our booth, we hosted a panel discussion at Anime Expo 2023. At this discussion panel, btrax CEO Brandon Hill and Akihiro Nagaya, CBO of Yanmar, discussed the background of the production. In addition to this discussion, artist YKBX performed a live drawing. The panel discussion venue was packed with over 200 visitors and an air of excitement and anticipation for the future development of the animation.


Organized parties for industry professionals
Proposal to host an annual party for interested parties at AnimeExpo. It was an opportunity to let industry professionals know about the presence of animation and the enthusiasm for its production.

Online Promotion

Online promotion using SNS
To communicate in real-time with anime fans who were not in attendance at Anime Expo 2023, an official landing page and social media accounts were created for the original anime. We continued to provide the latest information about anime on an ongoing basis, which served as a foothold for expanding awareness and capturing the interest of anime fans in Japan and abroad.


Project Planning, Facilitation, and Execution

Project Producer : Brandon K Hill (btrax)
Project Director : Takahito Iguchi (btrax)
Project Lead : Mitchy Kaneko (btrax)
Creative Director : Kouta Hikichi
Marketing Director : Yumi Higuchi
Account Manager / Project Manager : Mana Hashimoto (btrax)
Planner / Marketer : Aoi Omori (btrax)
Marketer : Ayaka Matsuda (btrax)
Planner / Designer : Hironori Aihara (btrax)
Designer : Jonathan Chen (btrax)
Designer : Jared Javier (btrax)
Designer : Mari Kimata (btrax)
Web Designer : Akari Utsumi (btrax)

Original Robot Design

Designer:Design Office, Branding Division, Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.
Concept Artist:yuuiguchi

Key Visuals

Art Director, Illustrator, Character Designer:YKBX

Concept Videos

Sound Designer:cubesato

Lobby Activations

Exhibit House : Pinnacle, Inc.
Lobby Activation Operator : Suzuka Ito (btrax)
Lobby Activation Operator : Salina Phon (btrax)

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