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Kapok Knot

Kapok Knot

Kapok Knot work
Kapok Knot work
Kapok Knot work

Global expansion for a new sustainable D2C fashion startup

Working with Kapok Japan, btrax was responsible for product design and providing branding, promotions, and strategy for a North American launch of Kapok Knot, a D2C startup. Launched an online store for the Japanese domestic market as well as a cross-border e-commerce site for the international market.




Brand Localization Market Entry & Expansion


U.S. and Japan

What we provided

Conducted US market research, competitor research, brand consulting, market entry strategy, development and copywriting. Along with digital marketing and website support, btrax also provided apparel design. Worked with influencers in the US to create video content. Conducted photo shoots for image and video content to be used on the Kapok Knot website and social media channels.

Kapok Knot work 1

UX Localization

Created an English e-commerce site by localizing the Japanese site. Also, provided Japanese website design support through updating of design collateral, taglines and text content.

Kapok Knot work 2
Kapok Knot work 3

Growth Marketing

Developed product launch calendar. Suggested online/offline marketing plan for further growth, including google ads, influencer marketing, etc. Provided Influencer marketing content development.

Kapok Knot work 4

Brand consultation and Management

Created global brand guideline and communication strategy. Realized the value propositions for the global audience through qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Kapok Knot work 5

Our impact

Successfully launched the global ecommerce website on the Shopify platform. Created three influencer videos. Received coverage by US media about the brand. Created a newly designed product lineup.

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