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Swatch Japan

Rakuten store design & development

Swatch Japan was looking for a partner to design and develop their presence on Rakuten Ichiba under an aggressive timeline. Btrax worked with Swatch Japan and a development partner to launch Swatch's Rakuten Ichiba page in just over a month.




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What we provided

We worked with Swatch's local team in Japan and their headquarters in Switzerland to design and develop a Swatch page along with making sure all the various platforms connected.

Swatch Japan work 1

UX Localization

We provided Rakuten with a list of template and design constraints, as well as HTML and CSS guidelines on Rakuten. We designed and developed Swatch Japan's page. Lastly, we translated global branding into a localized, culturally-aware design

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Communication Findings

We developed product launch calendar and SEO keywords list to strategize their product line outreach, as well as suggested online/offline marketing plan for further growth including google ads, influencer marketing, etc. Lastly, we provided influencer marketing research.

Swatch Japan work 4

Pushing for Quality

We provided cross-border and cross-cultural project management to ensure the marketing strategy was executed in correctly and in a timely manner. Post store launch, we handled updates on store activity and shared recommendations to increase conversion rates.

Swatch Japan work 5

Our impact

We successfully launched within an aggressive timeline. Total sales increased 44% over the course of the first quarter after launching through continuously improving contents and wording of product pages, use of campaigns within Rakuten, and through adding of new products

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