MacPaw work
MacPaw work
MacPaw work

Market research for communication, content, & website strategy

MacPaw is a Ukraine-based software company that has developed many popular utility applications for Macs, such as CleanMyMac, Gemini, Hider, CleanMyDrive, Listen. The btrax team helped MacPaw to identify the target users and value proposition in the Japanese market for their signature product, CleanMyMac.


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Market Research Market Analysis Communication Plan



What we provided

The btrax team conducted market research and provided user interviews to identify friction in the purchase experience on the website and also proposed effective marketing channels and promotions ideas for further growth.

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UX Research

After we identified the target users through market research and user surveys, we conducted user interviews with the target users to get deeper insights into their pain points, values and lifestyle. We discovered areas of friction in the user experience on the website.

Brand Communication Recommendation

We proposed a marketing communication plan based on the customer journey identified through user research.

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Our Impact

We help to research of target audiences and their problems, identified different types of target audience and value propositions for them, and proposed a marketing communication plan.

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