Tabio USA's mission is to become the world’s best sock company. Tabio USA aimed to expand their leading brand in the U.S. market through a digitally centered branding and sales model.

We employed a real-time, unique promotion strategy to convey Tabio USA’s brand value, and to connect them with the millennial generation.

what we provided

We conducted extensive market research to build the Tabio USA brand and D2C online store. We assembled a team of world-class stylists, PR experts, and influencers who expanded Tabio USA’s reach through social media and live events. In addition to marketing activities, we differentiated the brand by expanding fashion and sports product lineups.


Positioning Tabio USA

We gathered multiple user perspectives and gained wide-ranging insight into users’ daily lives to understand how to position the Tabio brand in the U.S. market.

Services: Market Research (Demographic Research, Competitive Analysis) / Trend Research (e-Commerce, Fashion) / User Research (Surveys, Focus Group Interviews)



Edifying brand strategy

We built and recommended a foundational strategy by analyzing successful brands in the US market to figure out the best fit for Tabio USA’s market entry into the US.

Services: Design Thinking and Trends Seminar / Fieldwork



Building the brand

In order to define Tabio USA’s values, a brand code was formulated by the insights gained in the research and education phases. Based on that, we also developed product concepts to be developed in the US.

Services: Customer Journey Map / Brand Development / Business Plan Development (STP, Product Strategy)



Sharing Tabio’s story

Online sales in the mainstream US market function to establish Tabio USA, so a D2C online store was built. In addition, brand movies and stories that boast Tabio’s 50 year history, and concept photographs in NY, LA, and SF, as well as content creation boosted brand recognition among target users.

Services: Website Development (UI/UX Design, Visual Content Creation)



Connecting with community

In order to understand what the target user wants, we exposed the company to various communities in SF. By participating in local events, we were able to connect with and learn real users’ feedback.

Services: Usability Testing ( 1-on-1 Interviews, Pop-up Store)



Building buzz

We proactively created social media content and digital magazines etc. in order to identify Tabio USA’s target customer. We gathered fans by offering to send content appealing to users’ interests.

Services: Intial User Acquisition, Raise Brand Awareness (Social Marketing, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Online Ads, Pop-up Store, PR Support)


We knew expansion and success in the US market was important to follow our vision of being the best sock company in the world. With the help of btrax, we tried applying the D2C sales model, a model pioneered in the US market’s highly advanced eCommerce space.

In the US, people think about socks differently. They are not established as an item that adds accent and comfort to an outfit as much as they are in Japan. Because of that, it was necessary to generate demand from the latent potential in this market.

After understanding the above US-Japan difference, we wanted to bring our high quality brand to the US while being aware of similarities and differences between the two.


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