btrax Case Study - Panasonic


Panasonic work

Worked with Panasonic intrapreneurs to research, strategize, and execute on creating new applications for the US market

Over the course of 12 months, btrax worked with Panasonic intrapreneurs to launch multiple new services that enhanced their brand and grew their customer base. Through market research and testing of ideas, the Panasonic team narrowed down ideas until an MVP was created and launched.




    Market Research
    UX/UI Research
    MVP Design & Development
    Website Design & Development



What we provided

Provided a full lifecycle of services to help the Panasonic team ideate, validate, and eventually launch new service ideas. During the project, Panasonic intrapreneurs worked in the btrax office engaging with each department to research, design, develop, and market their ideas.

Panasonic work

Design and Development

UX/UI research to create the wireframe of the web application. MVP development will result in a working minimum viable product. Web application development including all the various functionality needed to launch a full stack web application.

Market Research

Validated target demographic pain points and Panasonic web application solution ideas.

Panasonic work
Panasonic work
Panasonic work

Our impact

Successful launch of two new web applications.