NRI strives to fulfill needs that customers don’t realize they have and encourage their employees to innovate from within the company. They turned to btrax to help foster a user-centered mindset in their employees.

btrax ran an eight week program in San Francisco to educate employees on user-centered service design. After seeing an increase in employees using this method to create new products and services. NRI has joined six innovation boosting programs to date.

what we provided

During these 8-week programs, NRI learned how to employ service design to acquire new business prospects and develop products and services. They gained global perspective when verifying their ideas with users. They also got feedback from investors and entrepreneurs on a new internal organizational approach at a pitch event.


Exploring user needs

The participants carried out research on market trends and fieldwork in order to gain insight into user needs.

Services: Market Research / Trend Research / User Research (User Interviews)



Learning to experiment

They learned design thinking and the service design method through workshops. Exposure to the latest technology at local co-working spaces and commercial facilities helped immerse them in a culture of experimentation and innovation.

Services: Design Thinking Workshops / Fieldwork



Creating business concepts

Using frameworks learned in the Education phase, they put together a business plan based on research insights. They through the persona and value proposition frameworks.

Services: Value Proposition Map / Business Plan Development (Lean Canvas)



Solidifying ideas

The team that participated created an English script and prototype in order to pitch their business plan.

Services: Paper Prototypes / Wireframes / High-Fidelity Mockups / Interactive Prototypes



Gaining global and business perspective

Conducting user interviews helped participants gain feedback from real users. They combined this with business perspective insights as well as those from the pitch in front of investors and entrepreneurs.

Services: Usability Testing / Pitch Coaching and Support



Transforming company culture

Participants took learnings from the innovation program to heart, evangelizing the service design process within their own companies. One of the participants opened “N-Village”, an innovation lab that uses the lean startup methodology to develop new services.

Services: Culture development


“In order to stimulate innovation, we not only established our own ideas, but also came to understand the importance of defining problems and gained insights into the essence of those problems.

We want to make an environment where we can easily utilize the service design approach, and understand the many perspectives that our target users’ feedback reflects. We plan to do this by taking advantage of having witnessed user experiences during our stay in San Francisco.”

Toshihiro Koda

Vice President / Systems Architect, Nomura Research Institute IT Solutions America, Inc.


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