btrax Case Study - Mazda


Mazda work

In pursuit of a future that connects people and cars in the west with the joy of driving

As car sharing, EV, and self-driving cars continue to transform the automobile industry, Mazda is constantly searching for the next form their cars will take. Mazda representatives came to us in Silicon Valley to discover state-of-the-art technology that would elevate their luxurious experience and create new value for their customers.




    User Research
    Market Research
    Trend Research
    Design Thinking Workshop
    Value Proposition Map
    Business Plan Development
    Usability Testing




What we provided

13 members from the company headquarters and the US branch office participated in our immersive bootcamp, where they developed business ideas and strengthened team relationships.

Mazda work
Mazda work


Exploring today’s technology & learning design thinking

Participants visited automobile startups and leading technology companies to do fieldwork. They gained practical experience and insight into innovative environments. Design thinking workshops helped participants adopt the design process used in service design-oriented product development.

Mazda work


Ideating for innovation

They created and improved business ideas based on the design process learned during the Education phase.


Evaluating ideas

Participants uncovered target user needs through interviews with marketing, design, automobile experts, and creative thought-leaders in San Francisco. These insights helped them evaluate their business ideas.

Mazda work


Our impact

The headquarters and US branch participants of this boot camp discovered that their relationships strengthened through this experience. They used the insights gained in the boot camp to rapidly push towards new product development.