btrax Case Study - Koala


Koala work

Market research, including logistics research, and execution of brand awareness campaigns to make Koala mattresses stand out in a crowded market

Mattress and furniture disruptor, Koala, made it clear to the btrax team that Japan market entry would be a data- and research-driven approach. The btrax team helped the Koala team to not only clarify and validate the target users but also work on how to position the brand through gathering customer insights




    Market Research
    UX Research
    Marketing Campaigns
    Website Creation



What we provided

With Koala mattress entering Japan to disrupt the mattress market, there was a need to confirm its value proposition but also adjust for product and logistics differences specific to the Japanese market. We were able to support with a variety of needs from market research to content creation to marketing activations.

Panasonic work

Market Research
& Analysis

Provided market research and analysis through a mix of methods including desktop research, online surveys, and user interviews to confirm Koala’s Target Personas, clarify market positioning, and assist in creating a market entry strategy.

Koala work
Koala work

Marketing Collateral

In an effort to connect Koala with Japanese consumers, the btrax team supported creating of marketing campaigns that included creation of content, images, and videos.

Our impact

Successfully supported the launch of Koala into the Japanese market. Koala has continued to grow not only its brand awareness but also product lineup.