Japan 101

3-day Workshop To Get Your Business Japan-Ready!

  • High Consumer Spending
    An average Japanese spends more than other countries on purchasing products.
    For example, Users in Japan spend more than other first world countries on in-app purchases, with an average of more than $3 per title downloaded.
  • Many Successful Cases
    In the past, many US companies have entered the Japanese market to create an additional revenue source. Cases include Blue Bottle Coffee, GAP, Amazon, Salesforce, Evernote, Twitter, Google, Expedia.
Japanese Market

One of the most exciting markets in the world. There are already companies producing huge results in Japan.

  • 30% of revenue from Japan
  • Net Sales $8.2 billion in Japan (2015)
  • 166 stores in Japan
  • Over 5,000 customers, 60%+ market share in Japan

Key Challenges

There are many key challenges to market entry. In order to successfully enter and grow in the market, you need to have solid strategies and understand the following challenges:

    • ・Unique consumer behaviors
    • ・Product needs to be adjusted
    • ・Pre-existing competitors
    • ・Finding the right people to hire
    • ・Legal, tax, location, logistics
    • ・High cost of setting up an office
    • ・Most info are in Japanese

Common mistakes

Many companies make one or more typical mistakes when entering the Japanese market.
They include, but are not limited to:

    • ・Not realizing the opportunity before local competitors do
    • ・Spending too long to understand the market landscape
    • ・Hiring a country manager too soon
    • ・Too optimistic about acquiring users
    • ・Thinking the same product will work in Japan
    • ・Assigning non-Japan experts on the expansion

Japan 101

Make your business Japan-ready with our 3 day interactive workshop. Gain company specific insight for addressing the Japanese market.

Interactive sessions

Led by experts with proven knowledge about the market to create solid strategies for success.

Key Benefits
  • mindset
  • knowledge
  • strategies

Workshop Outline

  • Reduce market entry risks and maximize opportunities.
    Day 1
    General Overview
    Country Overview
    Market Overview
    Consumer / User Overview
  • Win more customers and users through better cultural fit.
    Day 2
    Business-specific Analysis
    Market Analysis
    User Analysis
    Competitor Analysis
  • Continually grow your brand recognition and revenue.
    Day 3
    Market entry strategies
    Product localization strategies
    Hiring strategies
    Growth strategies

Our Advantages


Our team consists of Japan experts including the former country manager to AOL Japan, Expedia Japan, ComScore Japan.

Office Locations

We have offices in SOMA San Francisco and in the central Tokyo area. Both teams work together to provide optimal services to our clients.


With over 12 years experience in business connecting U.S. companies to Japan, we know the Japanese market and its consumers.


Through regular events, personal connections and media exposure, we are well connected to companies in the U.S. and Japan.

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