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Our fun and relaxed atmosphere brings out the best in all our employees, and we pride ourselves in forming meaningful, professional relationships with our clients. Check out our Facebook page to learn more about how we like to work. Then, take a look below and see if one of our open positions speaks to you.

Open Positions:

  • Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager

We are looking for a team member with excellent management skills to take ownership of our multi-lingual company blog and drive marketing for our US online presence. This individual will be the English voice for btrax on the freshtrax blog and also contribute to the team’s market research, production, and coordination for clients. We are looking for a passionate leader who is able to take on the challenge of leading our b2b marketing channels.

Marketing Leadership (10%)

  • Nurture, enrich and educate brand perceptions of btrax via social media, blog, website and events
  • Provide continuos suggestions for updates and changes btrax.com to increase lead generation
  • Drive regular email marketing newsletters and campaigns
  • Build and maintain relationships with partner organizations
  • Attend networking and professional events


Team Management and Coordination (20%)

  • Work with supervisors to set overall marketing strategy and team Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for btrax internal marketing
  • Identify, propose and execute new marketing strategies, processes, experiments and tools to meet primary KPI
  • Advocate, update and push marketing goals across whole btrax team
  • Mentor and delegate to marketing team to ensure quality execution and meeting/exceeding their KPI
  • Track and analyze Google Analytics for btrax.com and freshtrax.com on weekly basis
  • Create quarterly traffic and lead funnel reports for CEO and Sales and Consulting departments.


Blog Owner (20%)

  • Oversee blog schedule to ensure content is being generated for all three languages on a regular basis
  • Contribute blog articles
  • Proofread/edit English blogs for quality, tone and appeal to target audience
  • Ensure contributors are following best practices and evolve blog guideline
  • Build and maintain guest contributor relationships to increase content and reduce in-house staff content writing
  • Build and maintain re-blogging relationships
  • Explore innovative ways to promote blog content to win maximum readership


Client Support & Other (20%)

  • Meet with AMs/PMs to discuss strategy and recommendations as project consultant
  • Perform research, ideation and advice to support sales and production teams for marketing related projects
  • Provide marketing strategy and social media guidance for clients
  • Write high impact taglines, slogans, body text, etc.
  • Working with PMs to identify vendors or other external resources as needed

Events and Webinars (20%)

  • Coordinate with staff to hold events that hit target KPI
  • Work with sales team to develop and hold workshops/seminars that generate leads
  • Collaborate across the team to develop and hold webinars that generate sales leads


Social Media Contribution (10%)

      • Keep social media profiles updated with fresh content
      • Identify and actively reach out to key influencers, potential partner organizations, and potential clients
      • Create posts to establish btrax as a thought leader, drive blog traffic, and broadcast about btrax projects
      • Boost brand awareness and demonstrate company can buy Nizagara online culture

In addition to these typical responsibilities, you may perform other duties as necessary.


What you’ll need:

      • Native-level fluency in English.
      • BA/BS degree or equivalent 4 years’ worth of higher education.
      • Ability to lead the work flow for web, interactive and research projects.
      • Ability to estimate costs and build timelines for projects.
      • Ability to identify and contract with key production partners to supplement Agency’s skill set.
      • Experience in managing multiple projects to complete work on time.
      • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
      • High level fluency in another language.
      • Ability to manage other project managers directly reporting to you.


Bonus Skills:

      • Knowledge/experience of Social Media apps and tools.
      • Knowlege and experience with other data gathering / anaylsis tools
      • Experience writing blogs and white papers. Experience with WordPress is a plus
      • Additional fluency or knowledge in Chinese or Korean is a plus
      • Familiarity with web/design/coding and/or experience in the Web Industry is a plus


Life at btrax:

    • Work with people from all over the world with diverse educational experiences.
    • Competitive salary, flexible PTO, IRA and health care provided.
    • Flexible environment – remote work may be done from home on a per project basis.
    • btrax is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

How to Apply:

  • Send your resume and cover letter to sf@btrax.com
  • Please provide a link to your online portfolio
  • Include a list of 8 actions you would take in your first 90 days to improve or build upon btrax’s UX capabilities.
  • Include a sample of 5 article topics you think are appropriate for our English blog.
  • Successful candidates will be asked to complete a round of interviews with our team.
  • Supplemental materials will be judged on quality of content and effectiveness to attract our readers and clients.
  • Applicants who do not submit all of the above will not be invited to an interview.


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