About btrax

btrax is a cross‐cultural branding and marketing agency with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

Founded in 2004, our fully bilingual and bicultural team has rapidly grown into North America’s top agency specializing in the Japanese, Chinese and Korean markets.

We believe brands achieve their greatest potential by forging meaningful and culturally authentic connections with the right communities.

This isn’t just a job for us. We’re passionate about what we do and who we work with.


Brandon K. Hill
Founder and CEO

Growing up in Sapporo with a Japanese mother and American father, Brandon Katayama Hill later moved to the US for university, and formed btrax after graduation with $5,000 of startup capital.

Since then btrax has grown into the top agency guiding the Asian brand strategy of successful US companies, and helping Japanese companies go global.



Our teamMeaningful results start with passionate people.

  • Brandon K. HillFounder and CEO

    Born in Japan and raised in Sapporo, Brandon Hill (Banki Katayama) founded btrax on a simple, but powerful idea: Help innovative Asian and U.S. businesses to successfully enter new markets.

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  • Hidemaru Sato

    Hidemaru SatoSenior Advisor

  • Akihiko Tada

    Akihiko TadaJP General Manager

  • Tatsunori Ito

    Tatsunori ItoBusiness Development

  • Kayo Sasaki

    Kayo SasakiBusiness Development

  • John H. Branderhorst

    John H. BranderhorstBusiness Development

  • Ayaka Matsui

    Ayaka MatsuiProject Manager

  • Masaaki Mark Wake

    Masaaki Mark WakeInnovation Services Manager

  • Itsuko Yamada

    Itsuko YamadaInnovation Project Manager

  • Mitchy Kaneko

    Mitchy KanekoInnovation Services

  • Yuji Ozawa

    Yuji OzawaProject Manager

  • Kisa Nakashima

    Kisa NakashimaProject Manager

  • Alex Dimmick

    Alex DimmickOffice Manager

  • Kazumasa Ikoma

    Kazumasa IkomaDesign Community Advocate

  • Ryo Gogami

    Ryo GogamiAssistant to the CEO

  • Kristie Wong

    Kristie WongMarketing Specialist

  • Mariko Higuchi

    Mariko HiguchiMarketing Specialist

  • Joe Rong

    Joe RongVisual Designer

  • Tyler Shirai-Reilly

    Tyler Shirai-ReillyDesign Associate

  • Yuichi Shiga

    Yuichi ShigaSoftware Engineer

  • Junshu Okamoto

    Junshu OkamotoSoftware engineer

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