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Company Name btrax, Inc.
Founder/CEO Brandon K. Hill
Founded in 2004
Location 665 3rd St #536,
San Francisco, CA 94107

Phone Number 415.344.0907
Storymaker: (Germany, Tubingen)
PLTFRM :(China, Beijing)
Allegravita :(US, NewYork)
Japan represents the second largest travel market in the world, and is an extremely important part of Expedia’s long-term growth strategy. We are delighted to be working with btrax for their excellent branding and marketing services.
by Tim Besse
Director of Online Marketing
Expedia Asia Pacific
In order to tie the current Japanese market with an American product team, we were given a skillful and efficient workshop. Since then, we have received great value for future product improvement and marketing activities.
by Kentaro Morita,
Sr. Marketing Manager at Twitter
Square has the potential to revolutionize the Japanese credit card industry.
by Akio Iwata,
Diamondo Zai