We utilize visionary mindset, processes, technology, and design thinking necessary to create innovation on a global scale and provide innovative product and services for your company.

  • 機会発見
    Opportunity 機会発見
  • マインドセット マインドセット
    Mindset Mindset
  • アイデア創出 アイデア創出
    Ideas Ideas
  • アイデア検証 アイデア検証
    Validate Validate
  • マーケットイン マーケットイン
    Market In Market in
  • プロモーション プロモーション



Global Design Consulting
Global Design Consulting
Expand into new global markets utilizing practical design processes. We support your global expansion with business solutions that utilize designs targeting international markets. Based on relevant marketing strategies our services will provide market research from various locales, brand localization, and promotion strategy all in one stop. SERVICE DETAIL
Global Design Consulting
SF Innovation Booster
Innovation Booster and Japan 101
Gain company specific insight for addressing the Japanese market in our 3 day interactive workshop. SF Innovation Booster and Japan 101 are services to support the development of new business of large enterprises as they make their leap forward towards the global market. Participants will acquire the mindset, knowledge, and strategies of innovation based on customer/market research to help promote company success abroad. SERVICE DETAIL
SF Innovation Booster
A community workspace created to connect people and technology through design. From a design scope, Japanese enterprises team up with local startups to provide a collaborative office space in the exciting SoMa district of San Francisco. This service provides more than a mere workspace. D. Haus is a fully realized implementation of innovation creation through the latest market and design information, events, and more. SERVICE DETAIL